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Discover New American Classics!
Discover New American Classics!

About Us


Shop the Black Food Market is a US-based, minority-owned online grocery store with a revolutionary approach to shopping for provisions. We specialize in the promotion and sale of whole variety, high-quality foods, and beverages produced exclusively by black-owned businesses. Our ultimate goal is to champion inclusivity and diversity by shining a positive light on Black entrepreneurs – encouraging and empowering them to build their brands and contribute to socio-economic growth.

For the longest time, minority groups have had a difficult time breaking into markets despite having products that match and even surpass the quality of their competition. Technology offers a chance to break traditional barriers and even out the playing field. Shop the Black Food Market aims to use these opportunities to enhance the exposure of Black-owned food and beverage brands by creating convenient, accessible, and reliable shopping experiences that will attract buyers from all social backgrounds. We hope that through outstanding customer service, and an unlimited variety of premium products, our customers will embrace these products and ensure they gain mainstream appeal. Shop with us today and join us on our noble cause to break down barriers and contribute to a more diverse and more prosperous community!



Core Values 


Entrepreneurship – We believe strongly in supporting visionaries, risk-takers, and ambitious Black people by promoting their products and encouraging people to buy them and be a part of building these brands. We hope to empower these business owners as they work hard to create opportunities for the socio-economic advancement of the Black community and society as a whole.  


Inclusivity – We are strong advocates for the creation of communities that embrace diversity and have policies in place that ensure equitable distribution of resources and opportunities to work hard and achieve success. We view our business as a platform to enlighten people on the need to recognize the value each member of the community can add, when given the chance and provided a conducive environment.


Quality – We strive to identify and only partner with businesses that produce top-quality products to ensure that our customers always have a wide variety of premium food and beverage options to choose from.


Innovation – The tech space is constantly evolving and providing unlimited growth opportunities, and we are committed to investing our resources to adapt as needed and take advantage of the chance to enhance our efficiency, growth, and to positively impact society through our products and services.


Customer Care – At Shop the Black Food Market, we appreciate our customers and strive to ensure we interact with them, understand their needs, and focus on the details to create a satisfactory shopping experience for them every time.

Convenience – We are committed to maintaining an enjoyable online process, making it easy for our customers to browse the virtual shelves and select the  most preferred product which we then deliver promptly to a location of your choice, saving you precious time and money.