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Discover New American Classics!
Discover New American Classics!

AVEC Spiced Mango and Passionfruit Natural Sparkling Drink - Case of 4

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Are you ready to embark on a flavor adventure? Look no further than AVEC Spiced Mango & Passionfruit—a tantalizing blend that’ll transport you to sun-kissed beaches and exotic markets. Let’s dive into the sparkling details:

Why AVEC Spiced Mango & Passionfruit Natural Sparkling Drink?

  • Spicy, Fruity, Nutty: Imagine succulent mango, tropical passionfruit, and sweet pineapple doing a samba on your taste buds. But wait, there’s more! A kick of chili pepper adds excitement, while nutty almond rounds out this robust, punchy mix.
  • Low-Sugar Bliss: Say goodbye to overly sweet drinks. AVEC’s Spiced Mango & Passionfruit Sparkling Drink boasts just 6 grams of sugar—a guilt-free indulgence.

AVEC is also available in  Grapefruit & Pomelo , Yuzu & Lime, GingerJalapeno & Blood Orange, Hibiscus & Pomegranate and Fuji Apple and Cardamom.

Perfect  Pairing: AVEC Spiced Mango & Passionfruit Natural Sparkling Drink is the ultimate companion for:

  • Mezcal Magic: Mix it with mezcal for a smoky, tropical twist. Garnish with a slice of jalapeño if you dare.
  • Tequila Tango: The mango and passionfruit dance harmoniously with tequila. Serve it over ice, and let the fiesta begin.
  • Rum Reverie: Keep it simple—pour AVEC Spiced Mango & Passionfruit over rum. Add a sprig of fresh mint. Sip, savor, repeat.
  • Or Straight from the Can: Sometimes, you don’t need a fancy glass. Chill and enjoy AVEC Spiced Mango & Passionfruit straight from the can.

8 fl. oz. each can