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Discover New American Classics!
Discover New American Classics!

A Dozen Cousins Creole Red Beans

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Step into the soulful heart of Louisiana cuisine with A Dozen Cousins Creole Red Beans —a harmonious blend of African, French, and Spanish influences. Let’s dive into the delicious details:

  1. Cultural Fusion: Imagine a culinary dance where African rhythms, French finesse, and Spanish flair twirl together. These beans are the embodiment of that rich heritage, simmered to perfection.

  2. Louisiana Love Affair: New Orleans pulses with red bean passion. Jazz icon Louis Armstrong serenaded these legumes, signing his letters with a flourish: “Red beans and ricely yours.” 

  3. Savory Pairings: Picture a steaming bowl of  red beans, cozying up to a A Dozen Cousins Classic Bone Broth Rice or Sea Salt Rice  Or perhaps they waltz alongside a piping-hot piece of cornbread. The choice is yours, and the flavor symphony awaits!

  4. Jazz Up Your Meals: These beans aren’t just a side dish; they’re the headliner! Whether you’re hosting a feast or seeking comfort after a long day, let our red beans take center stage.

  5. Nourishment on the Go: Pack a container of our red beans—they’re the ultimate trailside companion. Lightweight, hearty, and ready to fuel your escapades.

  6. Vegan Soul Food: Plant-based and proud! Our red beans embrace all dietary paths. Savor the goodness guilt-free.

10 oz.