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Yolele Fonio Pilaf Afro-Funk

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Across West Africa, fermented foods bring dishes to life. The star of Afro-Funk is nutrient-dense dawadawa (aka: iru, netetou, soumbala), fermented seeds from the drought-resistant African locust bean tree. The result? A deep and complex umami flavor, complemented by scallion and earthy mushroom.

Serve with: Roasted vegetables, kebabs, stuffing for mushrooms or peppers.

Fonio Pilaf blends are inspired by the cuisine of West Africa and cook in just 5 minutes. They are light + fluffy, and full of bright, vibrant flavors and ingredients sourced from West Africa. Fonio Pilafs go with anything and will enliven any meal! Afro-Funk, aka "The Music"

Ingredients: Fonio, salt. Contains 2% or less of: onion, locust bean powder, spieces, sunflower oil dried yeast, garlic, scallions, mushrooms, baobab leaf powder.

7 oz.